The Wedding of Claire and Chris in the Malton Hotel in Killarney Co. Kerry

Posted in News on 11th August 2014

Claire and Chris travelled from London to Kenmare for their marriage ceremony, and then onto the Malton Hotel in Killarney Co. Kerry for a huge August bank holiday party.

The Polish wedding tradition of smashing a plate on the morning of the wedding raised some eyebrows in Kenmare but it was all part of a great day.

We came down the Kenmare road dodging the showers and shooting where we got a break, a bit of spontaneity from the bridal party always goes along way in geting great wedding photographs.

People often ask us do we do group photographs, the answer is always yes, we believe this is a skill that every wedding photographer should have.

If a wedding photographer tells  you that they do not take group photographs its because they can’t, or they do not have the equipment and lights to take large group photographs inside, if it is too wet outside. Group photographs are photographs of the people closest to the bride and groom after all so if a couple want  a few group photographs make sure to pick a photographer that can do them correctly.

As always the Malton turned on the style in spades.